A check before the swims

We did a little bicycle tour to two of the EXPEDITION SWIM locations: Bois de la Cambre and Pêcheries Royales. Besides the weekly water quality tests it’s also important to verify the „visual“ quality of the pond and its surrounding. As you can see in the first pictures of Bois de la Cambre, there is a slight green haze on the water close to the edge. These are tiny water lentils, not algae, and harmless. Besides that, the water looks fine. However, please be aware that it’s not very deep, only around 1 to 1,20 meters.

But before EXPEDITION SWIM, the TOUR DE FRANCE will pass through the park, cutting the grass is part of the dressing up of Brussels for this event, we suppose.

At Pêcheries Royales you will swim with the ducks. Cleaning the wooden deck will be one of our jobs in the preparations. There are also some heaps of water plants under the surface that grew a lot in the past days of heat and sun. We will move them from the swimming zone before the EXPEDITION SWIM. The red and yellow buoys are put in place by a model boat club as a parcours. Some of them will be moved (and moved back!) for the swim.