Results of the environmental impact studies


We are very happy to announce that we have received the final reports of the environmental impact studies for the three ponds of Neerpede, Bois de la Cambre and Pêcheries Royales. The studies were executed by Aries Consultants, a research and consulting firm in environment and sustainable development.

They researched the impact of EXPEDITION SWIM on the environment of the ponds, both in and around the water. What does it mean to swim in the ponds?

The conclusions are clear: there are no objections against EXPEDITION SWIM:

The project, which is very limited in size and duration, is expected to have only limited consequences. These consequences will mainly relate to the impact on aquatic flora and water quality/ turbidity when swimming. However, these impacts will be limited given the small footprint of the bathing area and its location in the pond.”

This conclusion comes with several recommendations for the organization of EXPEDITION SWIM like providing showers or toilets, inform the participants about a possible impact of sunscreen on the water or to ask the swimmers not to jump into the water in order to limit churned up mud from the ground. All these recommendations will be followed.

You can download the full reports here (available only in French):
Bois de la Cambre
Pêcheries Royales

It’s important to note that this evaluation refers only to the conditions of EXPEDITION SWIM with it’s delimited swimming zone (between 1% and 5% of the total surface of the ponds), it’s limited timeframe (only two afternoons at each pond) and the limited number of swimmers (only 50 at the same time). Every future project with a larger ambition, in size, time or number, must be re-evaluated according to the same principles and the conclusion could be different. That means the positive result of the studies for EXPEDITION SWIM does not automatically mean that swimming can be permitted in general in the future.